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There are countless wonders in this world, each with its own history, like treasures, artifacts, and mysteries, all awaiting discovery. There are also, however, dangers and forces beyond our ken. Is this enough to stop you?

Journey In Search Of The Unknown is a solo journaling game about exploration and mysteries. You are an explorer in search of the world's greatest secrets and you'll have to survive dangers, improve your equipment, as well as raise resources by selling found treasure.

The game takes a couple hours, depending on how you play and how much you want to explore. You just need a paper or something to write and 1D6 or a number generator. Don't save fun, this entire universe is yours.

Inside you find:

  • Mysteries to use as objectives on your journey.
  • Challenges to be a real adventure.
  • Premises that can shape your expedition's background.


Try also I'm A Little Bit Beyond The Horizon, a supplement to JISOTU!

  • More Mysteries for your goals.
  • New Challanges for you adventure.
  • A lot of Premises to help you to create a huge expedition story background.
  • A new optional mechanic to guide you on character creation and solving challanges.

JISOTU was made & selected for #IndieApocalypse Issue 22, check for more here.  JISOTU is part of the RPGLatAm Collection, check to know more about LatAm games & designers.

Translation by Leo Andrade. Project by Masdon Studio.

If you find an error or would like to share any opinion or suggestion, please feel free to mail me.  If you want to help with tips and corrections, you will be collaborating with the development of this humble project.

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